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Honors Math 8

This year in Math 8, we will explore topics in algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. We will use the classroom set of TI Nspire Calcultors and hands on manipulatives to explore new concepts and solidify our understanding of familiar concepts.

Honors Math 8 Online/Home School for School Dismissal

Expectations:  Students should be doing math for at least 75 minutes each week.  All math activities must be tracked on the sheet provided, with parent signature and submitted upon our return to school.  Approved math activities include:

  • -watching the videos I create for the lessons
  • -doing the practice problems I assign
  • -watching supplemental Khan Academy videos as needed
  • -helping other siblings with their math homework

I will be creating videos every other day guiding students through various lessons in the books.  These videos will be about 20-25 minutes in length and will be posted by 9am each day.  The next day should be spent working on the practice problems I assign.  All videos can be accessed from my website by clicking on each calendar day.

Student grades will be determined by the following:

*Timelogs that track time spent on math activities.  These wil lbe submitted weekly by taking a photograph of the time log and emailing it to me.

*Weekly quizzes submitted via email or completed online through the links provided in the calendar.  All quizzes are open-notes, but should be done with integrity.  Each student should do their own work and answers should not be shared with other students.

Practice problems and book work will not be counted toward the student's grade. As such, students should NOT submit their practice problems or book work.  These activities are simply practice to prepare for the quizzes.